Understanding the Shipping Process

You're 8 steps away from getting your item where it needs to go.

1) Register

Registration process is necessary step to use our services. Its help as to maintain correct paperwork for shipment transportation and helps you to avoid any inconvenience on destination countries border. For start process please click to register.

2) Insurance

Gzavnili LLC is responsible for goods witch was delivered in good visual condition and signed by our representative. We are not responsible for quality or working condition of goods. All shipments are insured by 100% cost of contents proved with original invoice. For more info, visit our Terms and Conditions.

3) Pick Up/Online Shopping

Pick Up

Gzavnili's courier services are available in any 50 states. Courier service pricing and minimum requirements for pick up may very. For more information please call us or click for a quote.

Online Shopping

Customers are free to shop on our Online store site with over 5000 coupons or shop on any other web site to buy goods with is not listed in Dangerous Goods or Prohibited list.

4) Parcel Declaration

Parcel declaration is necessary step for custom clearance in foreign countries. To declare/add parcels in to our system you mast be registered on our website. If you are existing customer please click here. If you are new customer please see step one.

You're halfway done! Easy, right?

Now that you have your product, it's time to ship it.

5) Departure Days

Our shipping days for Economy Service (Only USA customers) are every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. An Express Service will be used every day except Sunday, weather condition or any technical problem from carrier. Parcel or shipment delivered to us or picked up by us will be shipped on next shipping day.

6) Arrival Days

Our Arrival days for Economy Service (Only USA customers) normally are every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. It is possible to have 2-3 day delay. An Express Service arrival days are every day except Sunday and average transit time is 2-3 working days. If we transit time more than 3 days we will charge all customers with Economy Service rate.

7) Custom Clearance

Shipments are subject of custom checking, but clearance happens if package:

  • Content cost exceeds 300 Lari.
  • Contains four or more similar goods.
  • Weight exceeds 30KG
  • Receiver is company or Organization

8) Delivery

We deliver parcels on next day of arrival in Tbilisi. Gzavnili covers every city and town of Georgia. Delivery time may very to different destination, but as usual not exceed two days. We don’t bring parcels to door, receiver has to collect package from the truck. For service fee please see price page.

Volume Calculator

Nobody likes it, but...

Dimensional Weight

Calculation used to reflect a package's density. Gzavnili LLC uses the International Air Transport Association (IATA) volumetric standards. This standard is used for all international. Remember we are not round any fraction of an inch or centimeter.


Calculation used to determine the three-dimensional space the box occupies: length x width x height measured in cubic inches or cubic centimeters.

For International Air Express Shipments

Multiply the Box's dimensions (length x width x height) and divide the cubic inches by the dimensional weight factor of 366 if measured in inches. If measured in centimeters divide by 6,000 for a dimensional weight in kilos. Divide kilos by 2.2 to convert to pounds.

Example: a box with the dimensions of 30"(L) x 20"(W) x 20"(H) = 12,000 cubic inches, divided by 366 = 32.78 Kilos

Chargeable Weight

Weight (actual or dimensional - whichever is greater) used in calculating shipping charges. (Example: the actual weight of a package is 5 kilos and the dimensional weight is 12 kilos the chargeable weight will be 12 kilos.)


Calculate Volume

Calculating in Centimeters:

Volume Weight calculated as follows: Length X Wide X Height / 6000

Calculating in Inches:

Volume Weight calculated as follows: Length X Wide X Height / 366

Where to Send

Example of how to fill out your shipping information

Important Information

How to properly send your package

In order to ship quickly and without delays Pleas take close attention on a shipping address. Bellow is a sample how to fill out a shipping address fields.

Please indicate in name field company name C/O Gzavnili LLC and your first name; also in address line 2- your member number GZ.... And if you wish that your package were not repacked Please use a following symbol: #0#0#0#.

We are not responsible for safty of packages delivered by USPS, if parcel not covered with signature required service

Example Information

Help to Shop

Get the help you need

We will help you to purchase your desired items from any stores around a globe if we think that particular online store is safe to shop.

Please fill out the following form in order to purchase your desire item on time and contact us. All online stores linked to our web site are safe and we will help in any case of problem.

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