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Freight Service


Are you looking for the most affordable, secure, faster and reliable cargo shipping service for yourself?
Do you want to ship big amounts of commercial goods?
Gzavnilli invites you to ship with us and enjoy our premium quality cargo service.

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Our Cargo service suits individuals and companies looking to ship bulk commercial goods. For goods above 400-500 kilos, you can choose to use our cargo service or better yet, opt for the cheaper regular service. You can use our cargo service from the USA to Georgia.

Enjoy Amazing Benefits

Affordable Price
If you've been searching for an affordable way to ship your parcels, then Gzavnilli is undoubtedly your best choice. Compared to other shipping companies, we offer the best shipping services at the lowest price.
Delivery Speed
If you hate delays like we do, then you’ll love us even more. Just place your order, make the payment, fill out the necessary online forms, then relax and wait for your parcel to arrive.
We Have Our Own Licenses
We don’t use any middlemen to ship your parcels and cargo. With our own licenses, we work directly with our partner airlines to deliver your goods directly to your location and limit the uncertainties if middlemen.
Freight type
City of departure
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How Do We Manage to Lower the Service Cost to
as Low as $2.5 Per Kg?


We always make an effort to give our customers the lowest rates and to allow them to save money by giving them advice on saving tips.
Our $2.50 service charge covers shipping from one airport to another. The total shipping cost consists of all fees and charges.
See below our advice on how to reduce or remove unnecessary cost at each point:

Delivery Cost to Airport

If domestic shipping is not free, always request your hauler to calculate the total price to include delivery of goods to us or direct to the airport. Manufacturers and big sellers have an advantage on prices because they ship goods in big consignments.

Document Preparation

This is a very crucial point in case shipping of dangerous goods is involved. Before buying, always ask your merchant to provide the DG declaration. Without these documents, you’ll have to pay extra

Opportunity to Your Preferred Shipping Service

With Gzavnilli, you can get your product shipped to you at your own convenience. We are open 7 days per week, meaning that you can make your request anytime and choose the fastest or medium speed service and still enjoy the lowest price in the market.

Shipping Cost for Airlines

Even with our lowest rates, you can still negotiate and achieve the best rates that fit your budget. If you have large shipments, we can negotiate with our partner airlines for special discounts and deals, so you get the best.

Pick Up from any state & Delivery to any Airport


Which Days Do You Ship?
Departure days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Likely arrival days are Wednesday, Friday, and Monday. Deadline for presenting your goods to us is 3 PM, the day before the departure date.
What Type of Parcel Is Preferred for This Service?
Air Freight services are suited for commercial goods or irregular items.
Is it possible to use this service for 200 Kg shipment?
Our services suit everyone. Most people wonder whether our service is worth the cost, or what the final cost will be.

Our advice is to use the regular services instead. Here’s why

Regular Shipment 200 KG cost is 1050$ - This includes the rate for +1000 KG, free boxes, tape, skirts weight 20KG, delivery to the airport, airport fees, salary, pick up from airport and paper work.

But for freight services;

Freight service - 200 KG transportation cost 700$ (3.5$ per Kg rate for less than 500 Kg), shipping materials 50$, skirt weight cost 70$, airport delivery and pick up 150$, driver salary 100$, paper work 50$, airport fee 70$ - total 1190$.

This means you should instead use the regular services instead of the freight service.

How Many Times Can You Ship a Week?
You can only use cargo freight services to ship your goods to Georgia. This is because passenger planes are too small to ship large cargos.

Every week we have two flights, Turkish Airlines- 1 CargoLux and 3 from Azerbaijan Airlines.

How Much Is the Shipment Time?
Transit time is around 3-5 days, but in the case of emergency, we can deliver in 3 guaranteed days at additional cost. You are advised to quote this when shipping with us.

For more questions follow link Freight Service

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