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Tbilisi, Georgia
41 Tashkenti Street
Tbilisii, Georgia
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Kutaisi, Georgia
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Kutaisi, Georgia
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Telavi, Georgia
2 Chavchavadze Street
Telavi, Georgia
Tel: 22 32 75
Poti, Georgia
6 9 April Street
Poti, Georgia
Tel: 24 24 25
Batumi, Georgia
40 Z. Gorgiladze street
Batumi, Georgia
Tel: 22 32 75

We Care About You

Every person is different, with the different though, with the different view of objects or with the different attitude against events. We tried to explain our services briefly and we make few video tutorials to show all aspects of our work.

We glad to help

If we were not able to explain our services well enough for you and cannot find the desired response to our question-and-answer page - contact us and we will assist you in any matter in related to our business.
We know your price because, you made us stronger and we are return that power to you with always the best, affordable and distinctive services.

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that for the last 2 years there has been a periodic increase in prices by the airlines, we have tried our best to keep the existing price. Due to the new price increase by the airlines, unfortunately, the further maintenance of the existing prices exceeds our capacity and please be informed that the shipping fee for online parcels from 20.05.2022 will be set at USD 7 per kilogram. For personal Packages USD 8.00.  Once again, we apologize for the situation and thank you for your cooperation.