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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How many times do you ship weekly?
We are ship up to 6 times a week. Shipping days for Express service are every: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Regular service we ship every: Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
How long takes transit?
Express service from USA to Tbilisi takes three days, Regular service around 5-7 days.
Is it possible delay?
Unfortunately, the delay is possible. There are several reasons for the delay - the direct flight from the United States in Georgia does not exist, human error, weather or technical reasons which led to the postponement of the flight.
What should I do if I forgot to wright account number on the package?
In this case, the important thing is to add (make parcel declaration) the parcel in our system. After parcel scanning, the system will automatically reflect it in your account. Generally, it is not necessary to write the registration number of the total parcel is properly declared.


Why register?
Registration is necessary for three reasons:

1. Registration is necessary for us, company staff and management, to do better service. Also, we can contact you in case of emergency situation.

2.To be able to obtain complete information about your parcel. You will be able to track the transit of the package and also pay for the cost of the service.

3. Needed to successfully pass customs procedures. In case of incomplete and/or incorrect parcel information, customs officer can stop parcel for research.

Do I have to registered with my name or with name of receiver?
Please, during registration please, use your personal information. You will have a chance to enter receivers information later.
Why do you have to use correct email address?
We promise, that we do not do Spam. If you ever get letter from us it will be about problem to related to your parcel.
Which address do I have to use here?
Please use your real leaving address.

Collecting Parcels

Which States of USA serve your courier??
Our couriers are serving all five Borrow city of New York, south of the Connecticut State, South Upstate, whole New Jersey, the state of Delaware, the city of Philadelphia and its suburbs.
How do you serve the states, where your courier does not cover?
Customers who leave outside of our courier coverage area we can offer:

1. We can order courier service from our partner company UPS, they will do pick up for us.

2. We can create UPS shipping label and email you if you can bring parcel to UPS office. In this case you can save up to 20% on UPS fees.

3. You can bring to any postal service and ship it to our New York office.

Do you ship from Canada?
We don't have office in Canada, but many our customers leaving there are sending to us with Canada post. This way shipping becomes much less and we deliver much faster, then Canada Post office.
Do you have any preferences, which postal service can I use to send parcel to you? /div>
It does not metter for us, we just recomend to send with USPS if parcel is less then 10 LB, in another cases we sugest that better choice is UPS because of price, speed and safety.

Parcel Servise

How many times do you ship to Georgia weekly?
We ship parcels to Georgia six times per week.
How long takes transit?
We have two type of parcel service - transit time for Express is 2-3 Days, for Regular 5-7 days.
Is it possible delay?
Unfortunately, the delay is possible. There are several reasons for the delay - the direct flight from the United States in Georgia does not exist, human error, weather or technical reasons which led to the postponement of the flight.
Which is ship and delivery days for Express Service?
Departure days are: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Arrival days are: Wednesday, Friday and Monday
*Cut of time is 3PM, day before of departure

Online Shopping

From which online store do you allow to shop?
You are free to buy from any online store, only parcel goods has to be legal to ship as general cargo.
Is it possible to use your service if I leave in Europe?
You can shop from any place around globe, but our service make sense if final destination of parcel is Georgia.
Which shipping address can I use for online shopping?
You can use any from our USA addresses. Only be noted that some shops for New York address charge goods with sales Tax. In order to avoid sales tax better to ship goods to Wilmington, Delaware. Transit time to Georgia is a same is same.
What is Saveez.com?
This webpage has been created for people who loves online shopping. Here will be presented over thousand online shops with discount codes and promotions. Web site is not done finally and we just show couple of pages. Time to time we will add many functions and pages.

Freight Service

For what type of parcel is this service?
Air Freight services is desired for commercial goods or for irregular items.
Is it possible to use this service for 200 Kg shipment?
All our services desired to whom it may interested, but questions are: is it worth it? How much will be final cost? In our experience this service to send less then 400 Kg don't make sense, better to send with regular service. Lets compare:

Regular Shipment 200 KG cost is 1050$ - Price includes rate for +1000 KG, free boxes, tape, skirts weight 20KG, delivery to airport, airport fees, salary, pick up from airport and paper work.

Freight service - 200 KG transportation cost 700$ (3.5$ Kg rate for less then 500 Kg), shipping materials 50$, skirt weight cost 70$, airport delivery and pick up 150$, driver salary 100$, paper work 50$, airport fee 70$ - total 1190$.

How many times can you ship a week?
There is only one way to deliver air freight shipment to Georgia, this is a cargo flights, because all passenger planes are too small for cargo. Every week we have two flights from Turkish, 1 Cargolux and 3 from Azerbaijan Airlines.
How much is transit time?
Transit time is around 3-5 days, but in case of emergency we can deliver in 3 days guaranteed, but it will cost you extra. Please quote it.

Insurance and Security

How much is insured parcel?
Small parcels are insured for free - and equals the declared value of content, but to get insurance customer must provide invoice of goods.
How much is insurance for irregular items
We cooperate with American insurance company, which has a representative in Georgia. Insurance cost is 1-5% and (minimum 25$) depends on the nature of the shipment, size of the fracture of goods, etc.
Why am I not insured on USPS parcels?
Unlike any other postal service USPS does not do a accurate report. The point is that those system is specified, the package is delivered to the postal code 19801. In reality such a zip code has hundreds of address. How to find out where it was delivered? We will do our best ans always will try to help you in finding the parcel.
Haw can I do to avoid lost from USPS?
To avoid this problem please remember to do: Remember estimated time of arrival, please use our mobile application to get latest updates, if parcel information does not appears on your account by and of day, please contact us ASAP. We have to take actions... as early we make claim, as good chance to fined it.

Customs Clearance

What is the value of the parcel clearance?
The parcel is subject of clearance in three cases:

1. If the package valued at more than 300 GEL

2. If a parcel containing a homogeneous products.

3. If the package weight of 30 kg, irrespective of the value of the content.

4. If a parcel is the recipient is organization.

What is the procedure of customs clearance?
Georgia is a simplified customs clearance procedure. You do not need to go through customs, custom broker and so on

Customs clearance formula is as follows - to the cost of the package is added to the shipping cost and the 18% of amount of duty must be paid within 30 calendar days from any bank of Georgia

This service is not free: for online package is 10 GEL and 20 GEL for Personal parcels

To make paperwork for Customs clearance government issued ID is mandatory

Is customs clearance affected on foreign citizens?
If your parcel is stopped by customs and are not a citizen of Georgia, in this case you must submit to the temporary registration number, which is available in the center of the Revenue Service.
What is an exception of non custom clearance?

1. If the package is intended for the diplomatic missions and other international representation. In this case, the submission of additional documents i mandatory

2. If the citizen of Georgia were abroad longer than 6 months, only once has a right import up to15 000 household, personal-use goods with out fees

Mobile Application

On which platforms are available your application?
Mobile App is available for any user Android or IOS (iPhone).
What are the functions of the mobile application?
With mobile application you can:
1. Truck a package
2. Receive a notification - you can select type of notification do you want to get. or you can disable the notification as well.
3. Pay for shipping servise.
4. Contact to us.
5. General information about the company's services.
Why I'm not getting notifications?
If you have declared the parcel properly, then the problem is in your mobile settings. Let us explain how to fix it::
For IOS (iPhone) – Open iPhone Settings > open Notifications > find our application in list, please activate all fields and – from notification type please select - Alerts.
For Android go to Settings > open Notifications > find our application in list and activate it - "ON"
Is it possible to truck parcel on app?
Yes, there is two ways:
1. If the notification is active, you automatically get a status update;
2. You can check the status of the parcel in the section "Search Parcel." Where the parcels are sorted according to their status.

Courier in Georgia

What is your courier coverage area in Georgia?
We we deliver parcels to any Georgian government-controlled towns and villages.
What is the cost of the courier serice in Georgia?
In Tbilisi and Rustavi: online purchased parcel delivery cost is $1.25 and $ 5 for personal parcels. Service charge for online purchased parcels are $ 2.5 for up to 10KG, for personal parcels $5 for every 10KG.
When do you start to distribute parcels?
Distribution of Express parcels starts immediately after customs procedures, for regular parcels on next day.
How much time is needed for the distribution of parcels in the region?
To the large cities of Georgia courier delivers parcels in 1-2 business days. To the regions arriving in 2-3 business days. Very rarely deviated from a mountain village in the 3 day period for delivery.