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Frequently Asked Questions

Parcel Servise

How many times do you ship to Georgia weekly?
We ship parcels to Georgia six times per week.
How long takes transit?
We have two type of parcel service - transit time for Express is 2-3 Days, for Regular 5-7 days.
Which shipping address can I use for Personal parcels?
For Personal parcels you can use only our New York address. If you will use Delaware address for this service we may charge you extra for transportation to NY.
Which shipping address can I use for Online parcels?
You can use any from our USA addresses. Only be noted that some shops for New York address charge goods with sales Tax. In order to avoid sales tax better to ship goods to Wilmington, Delaware. Transit time to Georgia is a same is same.
Is it possible delay?
Unfortunately, the delay is possible. There are several reasons for the delay - the direct flight from the United States in Georgia does not exist, human error, weather or technical reasons which led to the postponement of the flight.
Which are ship and delivery days for Express Service?
Departure days are: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Arrival days are: Wednesday, Friday and Monday
Cut of time is 3PM, day before of departure
What are ship and delivery days for Regular Service?
Departure days are: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Estimated transit time is 5-7Days
Cut of time is 7PM, day before of departure
What happens if the Express service is late?
Such things rarely happen, because we have an agreement with airlines, which means - we buy space on the plane and if a plane flying our shipment will be on its board. Only chance of flight delays is cancellation of flight. If the delay still happened we will refund price difference between regular and Express.
How much is chargeable minimal weight?
Chargeable weight for online shipments are 0.2 Kg and for personal shipment is 5$ minimum.