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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Sopping

From which online store do you allow to shop?
You are free to buy from any online store, only parcel goods has to be legal to ship as general cargo.
Is it possible to use your service if I leave in Europe?
You can shop from any place around globe, but our service make sense if final destination of parcel is Georgia.
Which shipping address can I use for online shopping?
You can use any from our USA addresses. Only be noted that some shops for New York address charge goods with sales Tax. In order to avoid sales tax better to ship goods to Wilmington, Delaware. Transit time to Georgia is a same is same.
What is Saveez.com?
This webpage has been created for people who loves online shopping. Here will be presented over thousand online shops with discount codes and promotions. Web site is not done finally and we just show couple of pages. Time to time we will add many functions and pages.
Why I have to shop true Saveez.com?
During shopping from this website you will see same price as on direct visit of some store, but from our side you will get following benefits:
1. Promotions and coupon codes - If presented online shop release any promotion it will reflect on saveez.com automatically.
2. Here is presented stores which accepts Georgian payment methods.
3. We provide bonuses on transportation for our valued customers.
What to do if some merchant does not accept Georgian payment methods?
One solution in some cases could be IP changing software like Cyber Ghost. This program works on Windows, Linux, IOS. This company provides paid and free options to try. Free version is slow but it functional - If only problem is shoppers location. Some merchants does not accept cards with out USA billing address, on this case Cyber Ghost is useless, unfortunately.
Can you help me to buy from some store?
Yes it is possible, only this service is paid and for total transaction fee is 4% to cover PayPal fee.



Friends, We would like to inform you that our US warehouse

address changed for online parcels. Please be careful and enter the new

address: 18 Boulden CIR STE 2, New Castle, DE, 19720-3494. It is also necessary

to add ID (GZ) number. For detailed information, visit our website and see the field

"Where to send”.