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Parcel Service



Are You Sending Personal Parcels from Canada or USA to Georgia? Or Are You Buying Products or Items from Online Stores Anywhere in The World and Want to Send Them to Georgia?

We’ve Got the Best Offer for You. Ship with Us from Just $5.75 Or $7 Per Kg Depending On Your Choice of Shipment Service! We Guarantee the Best Rates in The Market Today!

Your Choice of $5.25 or $7 Per KG

Why choose us?


We are not only efficient in delivery. We are a company you can trust with your goods (We don’t sell any goods). We handle your items with dignity and remain honest all through.

Delivery Speed
We know speed matters and we ensure your parcel is delivered on time at all times. Simply place your order, drop off or request pick up and leave the rest to us.
Affordable Price
We are not only efficient in delivery. Our prices are matchless and are complemented by a number of price reduction strategies to ensure you always get the best prices.
Frequency of Shipments
We ship to Georgia 5 times a week- 3 times for express and 2-times for regular service. We also deliver your cargo at any time of the week provided we have already received it.
We operate 7 days a week
We operate 7 days a week so you can always get in touch with us to request a pick up, drop off your parcel at our offices or ship with us. We’ll be glad to help.


Calculate price/arrival day

How Our Parcel Service Works?


We require you to register with us so that we can track your parcel and verify your accurate details whenever you request a pick up, mail us or ship with us.

Note: Some note some note Volume Weight

For Personal Parcels - Request a pickup or drop it to our office

Once you register with us, you can then request a pickup of your parcel or drop it off at our offices. A third party shipping company may be used for distant pickups.

For Online Parcels – Shop online and ship it to our address

Once registered, you can shop from any online stores or use our partner shopping portal with thousands of stores and ship it to one of our adderses. Preffered to ship this kind of parcel  to Wilmington, Delaware which is tax free shipping area. 

Parcel Declaration and Choosing Service

Upon getting Tracking number of the parcel it has to be declared in your Gzavnili’s account. Parcel declaration for online, as well as a personal parcel are mandatory for all users. During filing up parcel information, please select shipping speed and price

Shipping and Doorstep Delivery

The last step of the parcel shipping cycle is the making payment for service and/or your door delivery, which can be made whit a convenient for you method: in cash, by check, bank card, bank transfer or PayPal mobile application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times do you ship to Georgia weekly?
We ship parcels to Georgia six times per week.
How long takes transit?
We have two type of parcel service - transit time for Express is 2-3 Days, for Regular 5-7 days.
Which shipping address can I use for Personal parcels?
For Personal parcels you can use only our New York address. If you will use Delaware address for this service we may charge you extra for transportation to NY.
Is it possible delay?
Unfortunately, the delay is possible. There are several reasons for the delay - the direct flight from the United States in Georgia does not exist, human error, weather or technical reasons which led to the postponement of the flight.
Which are ship and delivery days for Express Service?
Departure days are: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Arrival days are: Wednesday, Friday and Monday
*Cut of time is 3PM, day before of departure
What happens if the Express service is late?
Such things rarely happen, because we have an agreement with airlines, which means - we buy space on the plane and if a plane flying our shipment will be on its board. Only chance of flight delays is cancellation of flight. If the delay still happened we will refund price difference between regular and Express.

For more questions follow link Freight Service

Have Any More Questions?

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