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This type of service is designed to send small parcels from the United States to Georgia. Personal parcel service can use only residents of the US or Canada, Online parcels from any place on the earth.

This service allows you to send any e-shop items from any online store to Georgia. Together with our partner website we offer lots of shops, with coupon codes, promotions and cash back (some exceptions exist).

We offer a collection of parcels in three ways: to bring package to the office, If you're looking for save a time and money; Our Courier will collect from your home or office or send us with any postal service.

This type of service is designed for commercial goods. Any business or individual can use it to ship cargo from United States in any airport. Using of this service is inappropriate under 400-500 kilograms due to final cost.

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that due to a software error in the airline system, the scheduled delivery date of the parcels is delayed, the arrival date of the parcels sent on November 31 and 4 was set for November 16. We apologize for the situation.